Welcome to Gettin’ Wicked Tight!  Please be patient while I try to figure out how to get this blog up and running…

In the meantime, take advantage of this beautiful weather and bring your workout outside!  I hate the heat.  Hate it, hate it, hate it!  During the summer months, if my workout has any chance of happening outdoors, it’ll either be before 7am or after 7pm.  If by chance the opportunity arises for me to sneak in a midday workout and it’s a scorcher, I’ll tone things down and simply try to be ‘fun and active’…yes, I make up my own terms/words/phrases. So what is it to be ‘fun and active’?  In my opinion, any activity that doesn’t require sets, reps, weights, laps, timing, and you also have a good bit of fun while doing it, is something that allows you to be ‘fun and active’.  You are moving around, most likely in ways completely unique to your standard gym routine, and you are having a blast.  The benefits are twofold:  brain pumps out a bunch of feel-good chemicals, and your body gets refreshed by having a taste of something different.  Lately for me it’s been an odd game of volleyball.  Nothing legit, no real hardcore rules, just me and my friends bumping the ball around, trying to keep it up in the air.  I love it.  Every outing now includes a volleyball.  Playing in the sand is the shit, for two reasons:

  1.  great leg workout
  2.  I don’t fear diving for the ball when there’s soft sand below me…so enjoyable to me!

Maybe volleyball isn’t your thing, but whatever is your thing, try to get outside and have some fun!


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