How to Rock it Like a Pilates Instructor

Cheap Workout Wear

HEY EVERYONE!  This is my first official post, and if you don’t know (which you probably don’t, seeing as my “about me” page is currently under construction) I’m a pilates instructor.  This is a somewhat recent development, having put down the ca$h to get certified by AFAA in group exercise instruction only a few short months ago, and I quickly realized that I needed to expand my workout wardrobe.  I’ve historically been a low-maintenance kind of gym girl: I still have shorts from freshman year in high school, and my ever-expanding collection of T-shirts has suited me quite well for all my working out needs until very recently.  You see, pilates involves a lot of rolling around on the ground and raising your legs in the air in mirrored rooms.  You probably know where I’m going with this – crotch shots and unflattering lifting up of the t shirt while working those abs should be avoided at all costs.  Unfortunately, I happen to be thrifty to a fault – my freshman year of college I used my debit card exactly TWICE.  This poses a bit of a problem in the fitness world, where tank tops can sell for $60 (Lulu, we love you, but some of us can’t afford to indulge!!!).

Here is my solution:

Look good for almost nothing. If I can buy it, you can too.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  The Danskin Now Women’s Dri-More Shelf Bra Racerback Tank!  Looks good right?  That model is totally rockin it, and she’s wearing the most boring color  (find the others here .  I stumbled upon this beauty at Wal Mart while looking for a notebook and was absolutely FLOORED when I saw the price: $7!  Amazing.  That meant that with my earnings from teaching one pilates class, I could buy myself two shirts.  I got three different colors, and should probably get more because I wear them all the time.  Some of my co workers are actually making fun of me now.  My laundry schedule, once dictated by when I ran out of socks, is now dependent on when I have dirtied all of my cheap workout tanks.  They are just the greatest.  So the next time you’re feeling bored with your workout attire and don’t feel like choosing between paying your electric bill and looking good in your pilates class, stop by Wally World.  You won’t be disappointed.



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