My Love/Hate Relationship…

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I have a love/hate relationship with sleep.  I know I need it yet I am consistently getting around 4.5 to 5.5 hours a night.  I can function well with around 6 hours of sleep.  3 to 4 hours of sleep though will have me acting like a semi-drunk 4 year old.  My intelligence goes out the window.  I can’t put words together to formulate sentences.  I mumble.  I may become grouchy.  My strength is gone, which sometimes makes me giggle because it’s just such a strange feeling.  The best way to describe it is feeling as if I am in quick sand…my efforts are there but I am not going anywhere.

I try to follow a healthy lifestyle but sleep seems to always be an issue.  I am well aware of its’ importance yet I disregard it.  There are consequences to my ignorance.  I have been late for work numerous times this summer all because I have slept through my alarm.  My lack of sleep usually throws my appetite and hunger signals all off.  Driving should just be avoided.  I am very easily distracted as is…born that way.  Put me behind the wheel on 4 hours of sleep and I am a risk to society.  Not only am I distracted, staring off into the distance, but now my reaction time is down 50%.  On such little sleep my body becomes confused.  My endocrine system starts to tweak, signaling some hormones and dismissing others.  No bueno.

I need to fix this.  Realistically I should start with a small goal…a week?  A week of at least 6 hours of sleep per night.  And if I make it, if I am actually successful, I will treat myself to a yoga class at my favorite studio, Shiva Skakti.




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