Oh, Oatmeal: My undying love for a breakfast cereal

So I want to be healthier.  What do I eat?

This is the first question that EVERYONE asks me when they learn that I’m a nutrition person.  It’s like I’m supposed to know of some secret food that will simultaneously cause people to lose weight, build muscle, grow taller, and cure the common cold.  But just in case you didn’t know: there is no such food!  Good nutrition is based on way more than a single food.

– However –

One thing that goes overlooked far to frequently is breakfast.  Everyone needs to eat breakfast.  I know I sound like your mom/elementary teacher, but it really is the most important meal of the day, especially if you’re like me and prefer to exercise in the morning.  I used to be afraid that eating before exercise would cause cramping and other gastrointestinal issues, but luckily I’ve realized that if I eat the right thing, I’ll be fine.  So here’s what I’ve settled on: OATMEAL!

America's most eligible bachelor

Me and this guy spend a lot of quality time together

It’s perfect: it costs maybe a quarter for a serving, and it’s just so great.  If you read my coffee post you know that I have a thing about warm foods (you know that fuzzy feeling you get?  Yeah, I might be addicted)  which only increases my appreciation.  This guy, with his double chin and downright sexy haircut is the best, cheapest date I’ve ever had; and I definitely look forward to seeing him every morning way more than just about anything else I can think of other than this inanimate object:

Best. Christmas present. Ever.


But this isn’t just any oatmeal, folks.  Oh no, I am particular about my oatmeal.   I started out simple, just some cinnamon and a few raisins.  But then I was introduced to an amazing blog by Kath Younger R.D., and happened upon this page: http://www.katheats.com/kaths-tribute-to-oatmeal that has revolutionized my oatmeal preparing.  Now, I’m not afraid to get a little weird with my oatmeal.  If I think I want to try something new, I try it.  Throw some canned pumpkin in there, why not?  Got some extra blueberries?  Sure!  But here’s the basic every day breakfast:

Microwave oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon, about 1.5″ of banana broken into pieces, and water for around 1:30

When it’s done, stir vigorously so that the banana melts into the oatmeal, adding its sweet goodness to every bite and making sugar obsolete

Stir in ground flaxseed, followed by chopped apple

Top with walnut pieces

Savor every last spoonful


To all the oatmeal virgins out there: you don’t know what you’re missing.  For those of you that swear by dinosaur egg oatmeal (you know who you are!) it’s time to grow up!  And to all those morning road warriors, you should definitely give oatmeal a shot as your pre-workout breakfast!  Let me know what you think






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