I Had to be Creative


Breakfast this morning was almost nonexistent as I had run out of Greek yogurt and almond milk, making my standby feast of oat bran almost unbearable.  If I had to I would eat it without either yogurt or milk but I chose instead to be innovative.
I ate one of my favorite muffins, a morning glory, which is petite and perfect, a nice homemade staple that I store in my freezer.  I found the recipe for them on eatingwell.com, which leaves you with 18 muffins, each at 163 calories.  163 calories is simply not enough for me but I didn’t really want to eat two muffins.  So I threw a piece of alfalfa sprouted bread(Vermont Bread Co., 70 calories a slice) into my toaster and poured myself a strong cup of coffee.  I searched around and settled on walnuts (1/4 cup of halves, which I then crushed, has around 190 cals) and fig jam (1tbsp 60 cal).
This combo turned out to be delicious and satisfying!



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