Makeshift-Delish breakfast!

Avocado…Oh how I love thee



Not being in my own apt this morning had me searching high and low for my breakfast essentials.  I had given Nick a bag of oat bran but in his recent move it may have been lost or tossed.  I had brought fruit with me so that was a start…at least I’d be getting some vitamins and fiber.  There were some whole wheat hamburger rolls from our tailgaiting expose on Saturday so I toasted that and began searching for some peanut butter.  I searched, made coffee, searched, brushed my teeth, and searched some more.  Who doesn’t have peanut butter!?  These kids. :p
Alas, my friend the avocado, (thankfully, I had tossed one into my bag).  Full of essential fats, vitamins, and nutrients that are quintessential to recovering after tough workout sessions.  I am an adventurous eater, and will try anything…that being said, when you spread avocado on toast you getting a nice creamy concoction that can take the place of peanut butter and toast.



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