Nike NTC contest swag!


So….I am a winner of Nike Women’s contest for their app, Nike Training Club.  The contest required that you submit an innovative drill, one that is not in the app already.  They chose five winners, one of whom, Lindsay Bennett, was flown to NYC on Monday to film all of the drills.  Each winner received some kick ass Nike swag, an electronic badge, and a place in the spring 2012 NTC app.  Check it out!  The app is such a great workout tool, even for people like me who are already really active.  I have learned so many variations of basic exercises, like planks, that provide my body with a new challenge and keep things interesting.  Every time you add something new your body must work either harder or in a different way to complete the activity/exercise.  Doing so develops muscles in a much more ‘complete’ or well-rounded way.

Challenge yourself to try 2 new exercises this week, something you have never done before.  Take note of how you feel afterwards in terms of energy and where your body feels: strong, fatigued, sore.  If you are sore the day of, or the day after, then just wait…cause the following day, 2 days post workout, soreness will be at its’ peak.  Relish in it, you’ve worked hard and that’s just your body recovering, repairing, and rebuilding.  Feel free to let me know what new activities or exercises you tried!




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