Stupid things that I do, Episode 1

Running without water








So there comes a point during marathon training when the long runs get long enough that you need to hydrate.  According to the Evidence Analysis Library of the American Dietetic Association:

“Beverages provided in a volume that equals 100% of fluid lost during moderate- to vigorous exercise (65-85% VO2 max), and contain CHO (5.5-15% CHO)* and Na+ (55-164 mEq Na)* compared to non-carbohydrate-electrolyte solution (CES) beverages are more effective at maintaining hydration status (including thermoregulatory function) in hydrated young (20 – 35 years) men during 1-4 hours of moderate to vigorous, competitive or recreational activity in moderately hot and humid conditions. The amounts of CHO and Na+, as well as the volume of the beverage consumed are important factors for maintenance of hydration during higher-intensity activities, especially in the heat. “

Unfortunately, I’m one seriously stubborn runner.  I absolutely refuse to carry things with me.  I run with no music, no phone, just me and my thoughts and the world.  That’s why I love running so much – the feeling of being free and capable of going wherever I want, being in nature, pushing my body to do something truly extraordinary.  However, I do understand that my body would seriously benefit from some hydration and electrolytes, so I’ve decided that for my long runs I’ll hide water bottles along my route the day before.  Easy enough, right?

Well, this past week I’ve been really exhausted.  I covered a bunch of group fitness classes for one of our vacationing instructors, had decent sized shorter runs, and was pretty exhausted from Sunday’s race and switching around the days of my runs because I have to work next Saturday, and I’ve got a 20-miler scheduled that needs to be switched to Friday.  So needless to say, I passed out early on Thursday night without even thinking about water.  I was so tired that I planned out my 16 mile run on a gorgeous route through corn fields (NOT shady), even though the weather forecast was for a hot and sunny day.

So, after attending Kari’s last yoga class at the rec (amazing, you’re the best Kar!) I set out for my 16 miler.  It was rough.  I had dry mouth the whole way, and came back with a salty face and an absolutely drenched sports bra, but I did it.  Detrimental to my health?  Absolutely.  Bad for my pacing?  Yep, I ran about 10 seconds slower than my goal pace.  Will I do it again?  Well, I’m gonna try not to!  I don’t know about you, but heat cramps, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion don’t sound good to me.



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