Favorite Things: Hair Care for the Avid Exerciser

Gettin’ Urban With It

DISCLAIMER: Long time no talk, I know I know.  School JUST started, gimme a break!  To be fair, I started this post like two weeks ago.  Anyways.

So anyone who’s been on a long run or who has done any sort of workout where their hair is whippin’ all around knows: ponytails get knotty.  In some cases, like long runs in the rain, they can be almost impossible to untangle.  To add to the damage, the constant flick of the ends against a sports bra/t shirt/tank top splits the hair and makes for a frizzy, ugly mess instead of the shining locks that every girl deserves.  I got to the point this summer where I had my hair braided for an entire week just because the ends were too hideous to leave out there for the world to see.  It can get that bad.

One way to solve this issue is to avoid it in the first place: don’t let your hair swing back and forth like that.  If it’s short enough, you can probably get away with a ponytail that doesn’t touch your shoulders, but it can still get knotted.  In that case, I’m not quite sure of your best bet.  For those of you with longer hair like me, put it in a nice tight ponytail like normal, then braid it and wrap it into a tight bun.  It’s kind of strange the first few times – I still feel like a ballerina prancing down the street – but things stay a lot neater.

Hopefully if you do go for the bun, you look a little cuter than this ballerina.

Once the damage is done though, it’s got to be repaired.  Luckily, I have discovered something truly incredible.  You see, Kari and I have this friend Aymbre.  She’s great.  She is a Zumba instructor, lyme disease survior,  and self-proclaimed “sassy black girl” from Jersey who has opened the eyes of more little white girls to the wonders of ethnic hair care than I can count on my fingers and toes.  During a Zumbathon last spring semester, Aymbre’s weave flew across the room while dancing to “I Whip My Hair”, but she kept on shakin it like it was her job (which it was, I guess).

Shout out to UMASS GROUP FIT (Cassie, Aymbre, me, Alaina, Kelli, Calliope)!! But most importantly, Aymbre second from the left. Girl's got style and some serious hair knowledge

Aymbre told me I needed to go get something with protein or olive oil in it.  So while I was stocking up for the hurricane at the end of last month, I saw a “Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack” for $1.47 at Target.  Sounds nice, right??  Naturally, I snatched that up and used it as soon as I could.  I left the product (which smells AWESOME, by the way – everyone comments) in for about 20 minutes and rinsed it out.  Not only does this stuff smell great, but even hours after I couldn’t stop running my fingers through my hair.  Instead of looking frazzled, my hair looked smooth and silky, even air-dried.  I’ve used it three times since (over a 3-week period), and I still love it.  Did I mention all of those uses are from the same $1.47 packet?  I bet I could make it to five conditions on that baby, it’s pretty large.  I’ve told my roommates that we need to have a day where we sit around doing homework and deep-conditioning and they’re pumped about it because my hair feels so incredible.  Hands down a worthwhile purchase, even for the not girly girl that I am.

Hair care from god




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