Challenger Time

Hi!  Yes, I know, I have been completely MIA and apologize dearly but life is funny and sometimes the most suitable deposition is to just go with the flow.  I have most certainly been a-flowing, allowing myself to succumb to lazyness, irritability, and some fun.  But, now it’s time to kick start things in the opposite direction.  I am ready to be productive, work my ass off, have fun doing so, and feel like some crazed female athlete all over again who loves her body.  And I think a challenge is a perfect way to get things going.  

Why a challenge?  Hm, well, for one I like a challenge.  It’s intriguing, stirs up feelings, opens the eyes to possibility.  Secondly,  I am competitive, more so with myself than with anyone else and a challenge is always a nice way to get my engine going and dial me in.  I will not allow myself to fall short of completing a challenge.  Ok, that is partially true.  Rephrased, I will not allow myself to fall short of any physical challenge until I am utterly defeated through fatigue or broken bones.  Don’t fret, this challenge can be designed to suit your needs.  For me, my challenge is one that will remind me of what it’s like to take care of my mind and my body.  It will be a challenge that ensures me that a nightly cup of tea at is more beneficial than a nightly glass of wine.  As I write this I am of course having a glass of wine, but it was a nice bottle that’s been open for a few days now and well, cheers!  Here’s to you, designing your own 30 day challenge with the hopes of making at least one positive change to your life.  Think small.  Little steps that are easy to manage lead the way to bigger and better things. 

My Own Challenge

For 30 days I am going to try and follow what’s listed below.  I did say start small, even with just one thing, but I feel like I am ready to tackle a few things. If it seems like I am slacking I can then at that point review my challenge and make changes if necessary. 

  • 20 minutes of yoga a day
  • Eat clean 6 days a week, and then on Sunday making whatever meal I want for dinner, without counting calories but still paying attention to whether or not I am full
  • No restaurant food!  
  • Smile at a random stranger, woman or man, and notice their reaction.
  • Share my results…daily!



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