If you fall, get your ass back up!


I’ve fallen off the wagon so to speak.  I would love to have a format to jump back into this whole blog thing but for right now I’m simply saying f*ck it, i’ll post when I post, maybe multiple times a day, just to get it out there.  If you have suggestions please send em my way. 

This morning:  spun; arms
3 x 12 of the following:
Lateral raises with 10lbs
Flies lying on back, 10lbs
Bicep curls, 10lbs
Tricep dips, legs extended
Bent over row, elbows out, 10lbs

My left hip has been really tender, most likely a result of a  weak gluteus medius and running/cycling.  Iced for 15 minutes when I got home.



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