Easy Does It

I am getting back into my workouts again and am trying to avoid injury, or should I say, allow an injury to heal.  In the time that I have neglected this blog I have also neglected my routine.  Instead of scheduling workouts I would just randomly take a spin class or run for a few miles here and there.  It has caught up with me and I now have a strange pain at the top of my left hip.  When I first start out running it is pretty bothersome.  Within ten minutes though the pain is gone and doesn’t return until later at night.  I will experience pain when I rise from sitting, and again, the first few steps are pretty nasty, but then it subsides.  The worst it has been was last Friday/Saturday.  I went to a EDM show (Rusko!) and danced my face off for 3.5 hours.  By the end of the show my hip felt like it had a hole in it.  Little did I know how much worse it was going to get.  The next day I could hardly get out of bed!  I took it easy and by the following day I was able to go about my business as usual but still refrained from running/spinning.

Gluteus medius - Muscles of the Lower Extremit...

Gluteus medius - Muscles of the Lower Extremity Anatomy Visual Atlas, page 4 (Photo credit: robswatski)

I have researched my symptoms and believe the closest match up to what I am feeling is simply a little muscle imbalance which is throwing off my alignment.  I am performing exercises right now that target my gluteus medius, a muscle that is used primarily for stabilizing the hips.  All of my spinning and occasional run have been recruiting my gluteus maximus, and quads.  Time to show some love to the medius!

A very helpful website, www.bodyresults.com, provided me with 5 basic exercises that are supposed to target my gluteus medius.  I hope to have photos/videos of myself performing and explaining all exercises listed on this sight but right now I am without my camera (in the shop) so detailed explanations, your imagination, and the website previously listed are all I have to offer at this time.

Beefin’ Up the Gluteus Medius

1.  Standing Hip Lifts:  Stand sideways on a stair or step.  Allow one leg to hang off of the step(right foot), the standing foot should be parallel to the edge.  Allow your right hip to tilt down a bit, this is the starting position.  Concentrate on your left hip as you pull the right hip up to horizontal.  Hold for a second, then slowly release back down.  3 sets of 12

2.  Single Leg Lifts on Your Side:  Begin by laying on your right side, right arm extended overhead, left arm in front of you for support.  Bring your left leg up so that it is now resting on the floor in front of you forming a 90 degree angle.  Lift the left leg off the ground, leading with the heel of the left foot, just so the leg comes close to hip height.  Slowly lower back down.  If this is too easier, wear sneakers, or add ankle weights.  3 sets of 12.

3.  Single Leg Deadlifts:  This is a modified version of deadlifts.  Begin by holding a dumbbell in your left hand, standing on just your left foot.  Bending from the hips, reach down and forward, keeping your spine straight, until the weight touches the ground.  The left leg can bend for this.  Keeping your back flat, return to start.  Continue to complete 12 reps and then switch just the weight, remain on your left leg.  Repeat, completing 12 reps with the weight in the right hand.  That’s one half of a set.  Switch feet and repeat on the other side. 3 sets of 24

4.  One Legged Bridges:  Lie on your back, feet about 6 – 10 inches from your butt.  Bring your left foot up to your right knee, forming a ‘four’ shape.  Go ahead and lift your butt/hips off the ground, trying to keep your hips even.  Hold for a second, then gently lower down.  Repeat for a total of 12 reps, then switch feet.  3 sets of 12.

5.  Straight Line Lunges:  Position yourself on a line.  Split your stance like you would for a lunge.  Try to keep your chest up as you drop down into a lunge.  Push through the heel of the front foot to return to standing.  3 sets of 12


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