Eliminating _______ From My Life

New years’ resolutions have a reputation for being big let downs.  Most of the time the goal is too big, too unrealistic to possibly maintain.  That’s why I decided to try something different this year.  Each month I will eliminate something from my life.  This collective of 12 somethings will hopefully provide me with insight into what hinders my day-to-day performance, whether athletic or as a standard contributor to society;  what can stay in my life, what needs moderation, and what should forever be tossed.

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You may have already heard, but January’s mission was to abstain from alcohol.  It was a success.  Today’s  posting on how alcohol has given me a headache and the farts goes to show that for me, alcohol should quite possibly, be forever eliminated.  I know that from time to time there will be temptation, so I am not swearing off alcohol forever, but, and this is a big but, I need to always be honest with myself and acknowledge what my body has and forseeably will tell me post booze consumption:  I will give you pain and discomfort tomorrowI will allow your ass to taunt you for about 12 hours with sweet melodies of filthly methane.  Alright, enough on gas.

Buffalo wingsFebruary’s mission is to eliminate from my diet Hangar food.  I work at a restaurant (The Hangar) where fried chicken, french fries, fried pickles/jalapeno’s, and beer are consumed in abundance.  When I first started working here I only ever ordered a salad.  As my number of shifts increased salads became less appealing…I am after all, a rather adventurous connoisseur.  There are only so many options to play with while still keeping a salad on the healthy side.*  I realized that I was ordering more bone-in chicken with a dry rub (healthier than battered and fried boneless chicken) than I was salads.

On nights when I closed and am required to be there til 12:30 – 1am I found myself craving fried pickles or fried jalapenoes.  WTF?!  For real?  So much for gettin wicked tight, more like gettin giggly.  I had definitely partaken in some mindless eating, likely the result of being overtired and simply unhappy that I was still at work and I really just wanted to be in bed.  Alas, come the idea to eliminate said food, in its entirity, no salads, no celery.  Plain and simple:  no food from the restaurant.  I have done well, yet out of laziness or lack of being prepared, wound up order from other restaurants, which is just as bad!  I do believe that I will have to extend this mission into March and make it my mission to avoid all quick and easy restaurant meals.  This will mean no pizza (vegetarian and whole wheat included), no garlic knots (my other weakness besides peanut butter), and no sushi.  Benefits will hopefully include less bloat and a fat wallet.

*About Healthy Options at The Hangar:  It is Possible!  Order the Cropduster Salad.  Substitute the iceberg with romaine.  Leave out the bacon, cheese, and croutons.  Need more protein besides the hard boiled egg?  Add grilled chicken with one of the dry rubs (mustang ranch, cajun blackened, west texas mesquite).  Skip the dressings and ask for a side of buffalo sauce…Wimpy is the healthiest option according to the owner.  Benefit of adding the buffalo sauce?  Gives your metabolism a nice little extra boost!


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