Looking Ahead

…To Monday

Monday I will be able to sleep in a little, workout, make some meals for the week, and hopefully have a little down time before heading into work.

Today is my second double out of three at work.  Not complaining just trying to justify why I am gonna be a little short here.  It’s 10:40 am.  I need to be at work in 20 minutes.  I still need to throw on at least mascara, pour a second coffee, and put on my shoes.  Five minutes…here we go.

Yesterday, Friday, first double.  Really, really tired.  Didn’t sleep too well, and woke up at 5:45 to go do a cleaning job.  Said cleaning job happened to be bathrooms in a state office building.   Don’t judge.  I need money.  Job paid me well.  Was going to workout in between toilets and the Hangar but as I was driving back from the cleaning job I realized I was a sleep-deprived mess.  I ended up crawling back into bed for what was a solid half hour of sleep.

I did make use of my time throughout the day.  I did the following little things here and there.  Sometimes spreading it all out is better than not doing anything at all.

Pushups, sets of 12

Squats, sets of 12, really deep squats.  Threw in a variation of holding my arms overhead.  Interesting challenge.

Wall sits, for however long it took for another waitress to head my way forcing me to get up and out of her way.

running out of time here…


No Hangar food, so that’s a plus.  I packed all of my own food, wish I had more time to describe it all or even list it but I don’t.  I got cranky and tired around 9:30 and there happened to be Girl Scout Cookies tucked away on a shelf at the restaurant.  I may have had 3…

Sorry so short.  Be patient.  Monday is coming.


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