One down, three to go!


Not gonna lie, Monday was not easy.  I craved coffee, stared down mini eggs and girl scout cookies, and definitely faced carb demons around 9.  But, I was successful, and it got easier as the night went on.  I got back to the house around 1, made a cup of sleepy tea, and was out.  Slept like a dog.
On tabs for today:
12:00 spin
1:00 – 1:30 strength circuit
Gonna make the circuit up as I go but I will post what was done this afternoon.

My mantra right now is “work hard, play hard”.  Pushing myself to my extremes is when I feel the most alive.  My hearts pumping, sweats dripping off my face, arms, and chest, and all I want to do is push harder.  The feeling of accomplishment gives me self confidence and serves as a bit of an escape, a time and place where its really just me and the bike…or mat, treadmill, road, weights.


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