A new approach

Life sometimes gets so crazy and so busy that we forget to take care of ourselves, forget what’s important to us, and before we know it things have slipped by the wayside. 
I’ve put myself back on the priority list.  Well sort of…I’m at least making sure that I get my workouts in.  Still need to tweek somethings diet wise (I.e eat a bit too much too often, and indulging too often(this is where you chant moderation…everything in moderation)). 
I do not want to let my blog slip away or be unreliable.  My life, just like yours, gets crazy, making it hard to tackle everything.  Like this weekend…I had an all day Spin certification workshop on Saturday and then a yoga workshop on Sunday.  By the end of the workshop on Sunday it was time to hit up the grocery store, cook a few meals for the week, fold laundry, and go to bed.  I was beat!  But I went to bed feeling guilty for not blogging. 
I want to blog everyday, but I know that this just isn’t going to happen.  I am going to aim for four posts a week.  Not sure what days but fours the goal. I think that’s more realistic.  And more dependable.


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