My father got me…

To eat bread.  I cooked soup, he made tasty little sautéed mushroom sandwiches.  Lovely trade off.  I would love to show you a photo, but I ate it [too quickly].

I hesitated to eat the sandwich at first in fear that I was being untrue to the Paleo diet.  I came to the conclusion that a little sandwich, especially a homemade sandwich, wasn’t going to kill me.  I enjoyed a rather large glass of wine…maybe two, and had some quality time with my parents.  We chatted about life for a while, enjoyed dinner, and watched ‘Hanna’.  I am not really familiar with movies, doesn’t matter what genre, I just watch them so infrequently that I always seem to be out of the loop on the latest hit.  This definitely was a nice surprise.  I had never heard of it but my mom suggested it due to the fact that the main character is this little woman whose super bad ass and fights corrupt government agents.  I loved it.  Check it out and let me know if you enjoyed it!  Any other kick ass movie suggestions?

Because I tend to do things ass backwards, I enjoyed a bag of lite popcorn after the movie.  Really I was just buying time allowing my nails to dry (you’ll see them in a post tomorrow…awesome coral color from Essie).  I figured this was a Paleo friendly snack, but as I was munching away I was also reading The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain, Ph.D. .  Turns out corn is out.  As are beans, which I have been eating in my roasted fennel soup.  I have also been eating dairy, like greek yogurt and…ice cream.  Although I was able to successfully turn down an ice cream offer tonight!  I’m taking baby steps here.  And even though I may have had some bread tonight, all in all I am doing a great job with this single elimination (grains).  One day at a time.


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