Today is today, so forget about yesterday

When did Easter become such a feast?  I had two dinners to go to yesterday, both of which were fabulous and well enjoyed but man did I eat!  Ham, casseroles, lamb, roasted vegetables, rolls, beer, a pleasant mistake cocktail (bloody grapefruit), and desserts.  I was exhausted from feasting.  This morning I felt like I was still in a bit of a food coma as all I wanted to do was stay in bed and hide under the covers.
Pushing through this urge to hide was tough…each time I got out of bed (once to pee, once to make coffee, and once to let the dog out) I ended up running right back in and hopping under the covers.  Eventually I emerged…around 11am(so much to do, so little time!).  I could’ve easily given in to my desires and had cereal or a fresh baked roll with eggs b


ut I decided to put forth the effort and make today better than yesterday.  I can very easily fall into the bad eating trap, have many times before but not today.  I pan seared left over steak, trimming the fat, tossed romaine with a little olive oil and carrot ginger dressing, and had a side of fresh mango.  Let’s get this day going!!!  Off on a speed walk, then a few rounds of pushups/lunges, then a shower and studying nasm before work…I want more time!


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