Feeling even better than yesterday

Day three of my attack and I feel great!  Well, not really right now.  It’s 11:21 and I am absolutely exhausted, but there’s something different about my exhaustion.  Usually when I work a double I lose my energy and hit a wall right around 5 pm, which really freaken sucks cause I am no where close to being done.  But today I didn’t hit that wall until about 8pm.  Three extra hours of energy and happiness?  I’ll take it!  Thanks.

This morning I woke up with the intentions of running but once I got outside I was reminded of what my yoga instructor Brandon told me, which was to avoid running.  If my hip was bothering me then why was I running?  What are you, stupid?   Was it absolutely necessary to run?  Are you going to die if you don’t run?   Weren’t there other activities that I could do that would provide a similiar release?  Go for a fucken hike!  Heck, walk!  Walking is great!  Alas, I didn’t run.  Instead I walked for 30 minutes around the block.  I do not walk at a slow pace but I am by no means a speed walker.  I did pick up the pace to pass someone, whom was a female and this is called being chicked.  After I chicked this woman it was as if the sun was shining solely on me.  I was basking in the sun, running through various thoughts, my body was moving, the air was fresh, it was a beautiful morning!


After my walk I did a mini circuit which literally lasted no more than 10 minutes.

  • 15 jump squats
  • 10 pushups, top of each one turn into side plank
  • 20 reach around taps (start in boat (bend your knees if you want to) hands positioned directly in front of you.  Turn to the right, tapping your right hand behind you, return)
  • 15 toe taps (lay on your back, knees bent at parallel.  Contract your abs as you slowly lower your feet to the floor.  Return)

Food Wise.

I really would love to attribute my energy and upbeat attitude to my diet.  I am tired at this point but not in of a physically depleted sort of way.  It’s more of a Im sick of remembering your needs oh and your needs and whether or not you wanted blue cheese with that.  Maybe all my vitamin needs are being met and more of my body’s physical processes are being completed in a timely manner. Who knows…but here’s what I ate today.