Muscle tears make me happy

I am still sore.  In fact, today is worse, which is always the case (2nd day out always brings peak levels of soreness).  I love this feeling.  I giggle here and there throughout the day when all of a sudden my fatigues and sore legs get caught up and I almost trip.  Or walking down stairs, that’s a favorite.

should’ve rested today.  Really I should’ve.  It’s true, do as I say not as I do.  Instead of resting I headed to the track at UMass and cranked out a 30 minute workout.  This was something that I kind of just threw together as I went.  I kept my body moving, moving from one exercise to the next.  I consider my laps around the track my ‘breathers’.  I was able to catch my breath but man my quads! They weren’t getting a break and were letting me know with each stride.

Umass Track

Warmed up with one lap.



  • 12 Walk outs to 2 pushups:  stand with your feet together, reach down to the ground, walking yourself out to a plank, do two pushups, then with control, walk yourself back up to standing.  Good for sculpting your arms!
  • 50 Romainian twists without weight:  Sit on your butt, legs parallel to the ground, hands together in front of your (I held them in prayer).  Twist to the left, aiming to tap your hands on the ground beside you, switch, rotating to the right.
  • 20 Lunge jumps





4 Laps



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