Sore and I love it

Today I met up with Jill and ran through a 30 minute workout with her.  alloted for 45 minutes but someone was running late…which is completely fine because I am always late when meeting Jill…just not today.  Anyhow,  the plan was:  run the stairs behind the Mullins Center 5 times then do an exercise from Karena and Katrina’s Tone It Up/Self Drop 10 workout to completion (essentially, two sets of 12 for each exercise), repeat the stairs, and move on to the next exercise.  There were 8 exercises in total.  We got through 6 rounds before it was time for me to leave for work so at that point we made the most of our time and skipped the stairs and just completed the last two exercises back to back.  The workout from the Tone It Up girls was something that I at first underestimated, hence the addition of stairs.  But let me tell ya, 24 side lunges right into a torso crunch had me beat!  Great workout!  My quads are aching and I ain’t complaining!

When you’re pressed for time, try to make the most of it.  In the end every little bit that you can give is worth it.

Food Wise

Almost made it through a night at work without eating something fried…almost.  My parents came in to say hello and I may have had a few of Mamadukes french fries ,oh and then three pieces of an undelivered order of garlic parmesan boneless wings.  Regretted it moments later but tomorrow is a new day and the same challenge will be there:  try to eat only a grilled chicken salad while at work.



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