I wish I had more sleep!!!

So flippin tired.  Woke up, studied worked out, worked, had dinner at 11:45 pm, slept, and now I’m at it again.  This is what you’re supposed to be able to do in your twenties right?
Trying to cram it all in is sometimes unrealistic.  But what should I omit from my day?  I need to study for my upcoming exam, I need to workout because otherwise I’m slightly depressed and very moody, and I need to work because well I have to.  I’m skimping on sleep but that’s gonna back fire too.  Oh vey
This morning I did a rather quick workout, one that I didn’t think would have me fatigued but it did…especially the front of my arms, right along my biceps.  I’ll blame this on my lack of sleep.
Three rounds of:
-25 crunches on the ball, feet elevated and close together which increases the difficulty
-12 rotational twists into a squat with a 10lb weight…think kettleball drill
-12 plie squats with 10lbs, raising the weight to shoulder height with each squat

I have the intentions right now of fitting in a quick paced walk and another three rounds of these drills during my break between jobs.  Gotta keep the motivation going!


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