Removing myself from hormones, one step at a time

contraceptive method - Copper T 380A (brand na...

Paraguard, Copper IUD

Today was a mix between good and bad…On the good side I had a Copper IUD inserted into my uterus and am now protected from pregnancy for up to 10 years all whilst being hormone free!  On the bad side:  IT HURT LIKE A BITCH.

Why make the transition?  Well, three reasons:

  1. I want to see what life is like without hormones or other drugs.  I’ve already removed other prescription drugs from my body.  I had been on Vyvanse (adderal 3.0) for quite a while and loved it but knew deep down the long term effects of taking this ‘legal speed’ would in the end outweigh the benefits.  When I came off of Vyvanse I was in a depressed state for about two weeks, and I’m talking no workouts, poor eating, no sleep, feeling completely unmotivated to even get out of bed.  This makes me wonder what the long term consequences of hormonal birth control are.  Do we really know what’s going to happen from 20+ years of dosing ourselves with little egg tossers??  Plus I have been experiencing mood swings while on the Nuvaring and so I just wanted to give this a try.
  2. I will hopefully no longer experience pleasant little bouts of yeast infections.  Yes I just said that.  Each month while taking hormonal birth control, the influx of hormones throw my body’s natural, happy-go-lucky pH off, creating a perfect habitat for little yeastlings (this is my imagery, how I chose to see it,  yeastlings as far as I know are not scientific creatures).  I did however in the last month find a natural and cheap solution to treating/preventing a yeast infection caused by such issues.  If you know the time period when you usually get a yeast infection, pretreat yourself and your vag with a nice bath filled with diluted baking soda.  The baking soda will help neutralize your pH.  Box of baking soda: $3 -4, box of Monostat:  up to $27
  3. I will no longer be throwing down money on birth control each month!  I was paying $26 per month…that’s $312 a year.  Hm…new sneakers, capri’s, and sweatshirt!

So the experience.  I never do well in a gynecologists office.  Before I’m even half naked I am a tension rod.  My neck disappears, my hands become ice cold, and I preemptively start to cramp while thoughts of spreading wide open creep through my mind.  Today started off the same but then just got worse.  And worse.  And you guessed it, worse.  There are three stages to the insertion.  The first stage puts you into a nice ‘climaxing’ cramp.  It starts off at a high point (pain wise) and then just continues to increase.  What they were doing to me at that point is simply a guess, but I am thinking that this was the start of dilating my cervix.  The pain I was beginning to experience, as I was later told by the nurse, is reminiscent of labor pains.  God bless ya, but I am not quite sure if I ever want to willing experience that ever again.  Then they measured my cervix, again increasing the intensity of my cramps.  The measurement tells them how far to insert the IUD.  At this point I became green in the face, hands were all clammy, and all I could do was breath while contemplating is this really what I want?  Then the IUD was put in, all other tools were removed, and WHAM!  All of a sudden I feel faint, experience nausea, am clammy, then hot, ready to shit, and faint again.

Was it worth it?  Time will only tell my friend but I will be more than happy to tell you all the details of me and my copper IUD.


*  These are little power packs called Vyvanse and I was taking them all senior year of college.  I was prescribed 70mg once a day to treat ADHD/ADD.  Did they work?  Absolutely.  Now that I removed myself from them I sometimes wonder, am I the inferior human being now because I can’t go full speed all day?  Everyone now a days is popping either Vyvanze or Adderal.  They have better workouts, better results, a constrained appetite, an ability to become super focused, and are chipper all day long.  But in the end, when their bodies can no longer handle the continuous influx of amphetimines I will be the one sitting in the drivers seat chicking everyone.

Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine) 70mg capsules

Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine) 70mg capsules (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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