Last week I was lucky enough to celebrate an early Thanksgiving.  The holidays are often a bit stressful for me, all revolving around food and money.  Probably sounds familiar.  There’s the lack of control over dinner menus or party fare but what are you supposed to do, decline invites to family parties or friends get togethers?  No.  NO.  No.  You either suck it up and face your fears that you may crash and eat everything in site while trying to practice moderation or you offer to bring a dish.  And then you realize you have no money and you will in fact have to practice what you preach:  moderation.  I am happy to say that I survived my first holiday feast.  I did not leave stuffed, ready to explode.  I did however leave with a very nice rosey glow from one too many glasses of wine.  Something that helped me from going overboard food-wise was filling my plate with a big chunk of turkey, then filling the rest of the plate with vegetables, leaving one tiny area for some stuffing…I couldn’t pass up stuffing.  I Love Stuffing.  

Early thanksgiving!!

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I also had the opportunity to burn it all off later that night at Pearl St in Northampton, catching a little Big Gigantic.  Absolutely an amazing show.  Never have I grooved like that.  It was sweet melodies, a sax making love to my soul.  I want to be 40, taking my little bambinos to a Big Gigantic show, us dancing in the grass.  Truly music that would never get old, and will always make me feel amazing.


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