Tune into your body tomorrow!

Thanksgiving is synonymous with overeating.  Everyone is guilty of it.  Maybe some more than others.  I overeat.  Frequently actually.  It’s something that I struggle with.  Not so much the act of overeating but the guilt associated with it.  I often times wait too long to prepare something fresh, grab take out or something from a deli, and scarf it down in minutes, not realizing til it’s all gone that I am actually uncomfortably full.  I plan on NOT OVEREATING tomorrow.  I will be successful!  I will remain mindful of each bite, really enjoy each morsel of delicious homemade goodness, and take smaller amounts to begin with.  Booze will be in abundance and that too will have to be moderated as it is in my opinion way worse than the sweet treats and buttery pillows of whipped sweet potatoes.


Good luck tomorrow.  If I can do it, you can too…have faith!  And know that you won’t feel completely disgusted and rosy cheeked ready to pop!



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