Boosting a standard breakfast


This is the nutrition facts label on my nearly empty bag of ground flaxseed. By adding just 1/2 a serving, 1 tbsp, to my pumpkin oatmeal I’ve managed to gain numerous nutrients that I’d ordinarily be skimping on (omega 3-6-9, as well as lignans, some magnesium, and fiber). If you’re not familiar with flaxseed, ground in particular, know that its a nutty flavoring. Think ground walnuts. Some little bits will get stuck in your chomping blocks but a good swig of coffee will wash em right out. I like the taste of ground flaxseed. If you’re a friend of mine and want to try a little before buying a big bag let me know and I can give you a little sample.


Another food-supplement that I use almost daily is this little gem:


These babies expand to 4x their original size! What’s that useful for? The feeling of fullness! Sprinkle these on your yogurt, oatmeal, salad, soup, or even your juice. Eat slowly (mindfully) and I swear you will feel satisfied sooner than you would normally. Also, chia seeds are packed with a heavy nutritional profile, take a look:


Now that my oatmeal is cold… I’m going to sit and fill up with my superfoods, listen to some jazz, be grateful for my soreness from yesterdays workout, and then take on the day. Have a good one! Try to have a positive effect on someone else’s life…sometimes all it takes is a smile and a helping hand.


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