How am I gettin’ wicked tight again?

For a month or two I’ve asked myself this same question…and often answered it with some snooty comment and then became depressed which then led to a bad mood which then affected my relationship(s):

The Up and Down cycle of depression in relation to perception of body

I don’t want to make this post long, and at some point I will touch on my battles within.  We all have them and sometimes people deal with them really really well, others do not fair so well.  I will let you know that in order for me to be ‘lifted’ out of this depression I had to rely on an outside source:  Buddhism.

Before you stop reading because you think I’m gonna get all spiritual on you, you should know that I know shit about Buddhism.  How can I rely on it then?  Because its principles are somewhat simple in many ways.  Be nice to others.  Don’t hold grudges.  Brush it off.  See your mistakes and move on.  Like I said, I will delve into this with another post, but it was a change in my thought processes that has cleared my vision.  I learned to accept that I was where I was.  That could not change at that very moment, but my mentality could.

So!  With a new attitude, I started to become mindful (step 1).  I applied this to everything.  Eating, drinking, speaking, walking, exercising, everything.  Try it.  Just focus on the exact activity at hand.  Eliminate distractions.  It’s just you and: your meal, your beer, your friend, the sidewalk/beach/woods, etc.

Then I made sure to check myself.  How so?  Journaling (step 2).  I used to write down everything about everyday (like 10 or 12 years ago).  I don’t have time for that anymore.  I now journal my diet and reminders on how to be grateful, mindful, present, as well as little notes of encouragement – “You are beautiful.  Smile so the world can see it”.  In each post I start with the date and Meal One.  Whatever I eat for breakfast is written, along with each items’ calories.  Why?  Isn’t that obsessive?  No.  It’s called math, which I suck at, but it’s simple.  If you want to lose weight you need a calorie deficit.  Calories in must be greater than calories out.  I do not label my meals as breakfast, lunch, dinner because I follow the 6 small meals a day method.  If I didn’t eat six meals a day I’d be a very grouchy person.

A day's entry in my rediculous but awesome food journal

A day’s entry in my rediculous but awesome food journal

Big doings occur through action.  If I wanted serious changes to happen, and in a timely fashion, I needed to get my ass back to the gym.  No more excuses.  Step 3:  Exercise.   So, as of this week I have been to the gym Tuesday – Thursday.  Tuesday I rode a stationary bike for 30 minutes, doing intervals, then an elliptical for 20.  I also ran for 5 minutes but my shins were in agony so I switched to the elliptical.  I didn’t focus on strength, was just happy to have my mojo back.  Wednesday I took a private spin class, then a yoga class, then trained a client in which I performed the circuit alongside her.  Thursday I again spun, then trained a client.  Monday I went for a 45 minute walk and Friday morning I will do a circuit in my living room using an exercise ball, a super duty resistance band (grey in color…did you know that the resistance is color coded?), and 10 lb weights, oh and my own body.  No machines involved.

The next step (step 4) would be to get enough sleep.  Well I am failing on this one tonight.  You win some and you lose some, but this is seriously a priority for me.  I’m 27 now.  Sleepless nights do take a toll.  Not to mention the blueish coloring that radiates beneath my eyes screaming ‘I am tired!’.

So, to summarize:

Step 1:  Be mindful in all aspects of your life.  Start small.  Add on a new aspect of your life once you feel confident that you are practicing mindfulness.

Step 2:  Journal or document how you see fit.  It’s a great way to catch your falls, see where improvements need to be made, and identify patterns (healthy ones and those that are not).

Step 3:  Exercise.  Move your body!!!  If you don’t move it you lose it!  Feel like a kid again!

Step 4:  Get enough sleep for you.  It varies for everyone.  I am awful at this but I will make changes!  I am aiming for 7 hrs a night.  What works for you?

Step 5:  Yes, I am adding a new step to Gettin’ Wicked Tight.  Smile.  It will make someone else smile and then in turn make you feel golden.  Just try it.


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