One days food supply


Coffee mug, black coffee French press, said coffee, mmmhhmm Green bottle, 8 fl oz grapefruit juice Nalgene, 1L of H20 Pink thermos, homemade chicken soup (pictured cooking)


top container, 1 cup grapes Next, one slice of sprouted wheat bread with two slices of turkey Bottom green container, 1 cup baby carrots w mustard Bottom container, mixed greens with spinach, beers, 1/4 avocado, and about 1tbsp olive oil A banana Two clementimes And finally, the ingredients for a tasty morning oatmeal, Greek yogurt, steel cut oats, blackberries, and chia seeds Getting into the swing if things with the new job. Preparing everything the night before is essential. Essential! Running out the door, but I will update later this weekend. Time to catch up!


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