Who says “eggs are just for breakfast”?


Just joined the Hampshire Regional YMCA, allowing me to workout at the Brighton YMCA when I visit Nick on the weekends. First workout at the Y included: – 30 minutes on the Arc, starting at base level for one minute then increases/decreases in resistance (30,35,40,45,35,30,25) as well as incline (flat,10,15,10). -10 minutes on a stationary bike, resistance of 10 -captains chair: 3 x 15 dips as well as leg lifts Pre-workout I had a banana and a handful of grapes. I was trying to skip the coffee but I caved and grabbed a small black from the Woodstar 😉 Post-workout, which is 1:45pm, I am having two eggwhites, ~3/4 cup sweet potato, spinach, and an avocado. Oh, and another cup of coffee 😉 Right now, I feel phenomenal! I feel like I am getting into a routine and am no longer PMSing and am overall content and happy. You can be too. It’s all in your hands. Just like breaking the norm and having eggs for lunch.


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