Happy holidays!

I want to write a quick post and then get back to eavesdropping on father son conversations taking place in the front seat on our way to Jersey to visit Nick’s aunt.

First, Happy Holidays!  I hope you’ve been able to relax and appreciate those around you and simple things like snow, pretty lights, and the excitement of little ones.  The holidays are more about these simple little things than anything.  Well, foods right up there too.
Which takes me to my next rant.  I hope that you get to enjoy some sort of beautiful meal, homemade by someone who actually cares about food.  I hope the meal had real foods, seasonal vegetables and nicely roasted meat.  And I hope your body rejoiced as you enjoyed your meal and each little bite.  Overeating would ruin such feelings.  Stay mindful, stay present.  Your mind and body will thank you.
I have already a fabulous homecooked breakfast, Nicks moms’ famous biscuits and gravy as well as eggs Benedict.  Healthy?  Not really.  Delicious?  You betcha.  It’s ok to eat this items.  I don’t normally or on a regular basis.  I also only ate til I was satisfied.  Gotta practice what I preach.  Slow eating and small bites work! 
In Jersey I will be thoroughly enjoying a homecooked dinner as well as champagne, beer, And (!) wine.  Little sips 😉 here and there…
To wrap things up, great news and bad news.  Get the bad news out of the way:  I have tendonitis in my left tibia (lower, right by the ankle).  It sucks.  What sucks more is I need to rest in order for the inflammation to subside.  I hate rest.  HATE.  Good news!: Nicks Christmas gift to me was my own website!  Leave it to Nick to by getringwickedtight.com instead of gettinwickedtight.com but alas, we will fix that.  Can’t wait to post instructional videos, daily workouts, and cooking demos! 


Nick, me, Mamaduke, and Paduke


Nutella French toast and a very content man


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