Prepping begins now!


Driving back from Jersey reading January’s issue of Oxygen (by far my favorite magazine). I am going to go ahead and be a guinea pig. I will experiment and follow Oxygens ‘Build Your Best Body’ program. I will of course post my daily workouts as well as meals. It’s all mapped out for me, now I just need to make sure I have the tools necessary and make adjustments to my lifestyle to ‘make time’ for my workouts. No excuses, none! I am gonna go ahead and make this winter morning quinoa for tomorrow morning. Seeing as I am out the door by 5:30 a.m I will prepare the quinoa tonight and then just heat it up on the stovetop w coconut milk in the a.m as I make my coffee. Preparation is where its at. If you are prepared then you can’t fail. So if you want results, and are sick of feeling a certain way, then get up and make moves today in preparation for tomorrow. At first it seems like a hassle but soon it will be second nature.


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