Sundays Workout, 1/6/2013

Nick and I enjoyed a fabulous breakfast out in Newton, Ma at The Rox.  I opted for the yogurt, fresh fruit, granola, two eggs and dry toast.  Nick on the other hand had the Banana’s Foster French Toast…I stole three bites.  Out. of. this. world.

Banans Foster French Toast and Greek Yogurt topped with fresh fruit, granola, and honey + two eggs and dry toast

Banans Foster French Toast and Greek Yogurt topped with fresh fruit, granola, and honey + two eggs and dry toast


We had limited time but we were able to squeeze in 30 minutes at the gym.  I decided to stick to 30 minutes of intense cardio and save my strength routine for home.  I did intervals on the Cybex Arc trainer, ranging between a resistance level of 25-50 and an incline of 10-20.  Sweatin’ bullets.  Red faced.  Job well done.

Panicked once we got back to Nicks after I realized I had left my iPod on the back of a machine.  I simply got distracted once my man arrived upstairs on the cardio deck.  Luckily, there are still good people in the world and it was safely returned to its’ rightful owner. 🙂

After packing up my things I grabbed a post workout treat:  a custom built coffee.  I ask for a tiny squirt of chocolate syrup, filled to the top with bold coffee, topped off with steamed soy milk.  Heaven.  I then also stopped at Thai North.  When it comes to Thai food, this place is hands down the freshest and most delicious.  I order from the photos on the wall.  These are the special menu options, the true Thai food that is fresh and spicy.  I ordered a dish that had a clear savory broth, tons of vegetables, and fresh strips of chicken.  It was the kind of meal that had my nose dripping two bites in.  A beautiful heat that isn’t overpowering.

On the road I went.  I performed this after arriving home from Boston.

Rotator Cuffs:

  • Abduction 3 x 15
  • Adduction 3 x 15
  • Diagonal Extension 3 x 15


  • Bicycles 3 x 50 (25 elbow taps on each side)
  • Plank Up-Downs to Elbow Taps 3 x 15
  • Reverse Crunch with Legs Extended 3 x 15
  • Back Extensions on Ball 3 x 15

I have tried to upload YouTube videos before and have failed.  Maybe this time I will have better luck.


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