Brief Start Up Guide!

I am discovering that one of my missions in life is to help others see what it’s like to live a healthy, vibrant, happy life.  I believe that I can help influence others to make small changes everyday that over time will add up and make one hell of a difference in their lives.  I am embarking on my first mission/adventure, hoping to enable a ‘test’ group to see just that.  You’ve all come here to find out the details, so lets begin!

My objectives at the present moment are to show you:

  • How to incorporate exercise into your daily life, following a five day split with 2 active rest days.
  • Why moving everyday is so vital to your overall wellbeing.
  • How to look at your current food supply, discover what should be tossed, and learn what to stock up on.
  • What mindfulness is.  More so, what mindful eating is.
  • How to revamp your relationship with food.
  • How to prepare healthy meals that are satisfying and nutritious.
  • How to prepare meals ahead of time;  meal planning, portioning, freezing, etc.

Still interested?


This program is a commitment to yourself.  It is not a commitment to me.  I am just a guiding force.  I am here to answer your questions, provide examples and insight, and help you essentially renew your thought process.  Sounds daunting, but it really all comes down to living in the moment, connecting with your mind and body, and making decisions based upon that connection.  The first week may be pretty rough.  You will be making changes that have been set in stone, habits that you don’t even realize exist will have to be broken.  Remind yourself, this is a commitment to you.  Commit for one month, and reflect daily to see if these changes are in fact making a positive difference in your life.

What will Week One entail?

This first week will be easy going…baby steps if you will.  I want you to start off by looking at yourself.  You can grab a mirror if you want but I mean look at yourself in a more thorough, deep reflecting manner.  What makes you happy?  Are you happy right now, in the present moment?  If not, why?  Can you pinpoint the answer?  Do you have unhealthy habits that you are aware of?  Are you ready and willing to let go of said habits and make some positive changes?  Do you want to feel alive and pleasant, open to new opportunities?

I want you to aim to eliminate processed foods.  If you are like most, looking in your pantry will be overwhelming.  Whats even more overwhelming is the idea of tossing all this junk.  Donate it.  You my friend, don’t need it.  If it is not a whole, natural, unprocessed food, think twice before eating it.

Consume H2O.  Aim for 2 liters a day, 3 liters if you are very active.  This is a challenge for most.  Remember, baby steps.  An additional glass each day would be a way to accomplish this.

I want you to exercise, move your body, be active for 30 minutes each day.  Whatever makes you happy.  But do it for at least 30 minutes.

This is just a brief start up guide.  As I had mentioned via my facebook page, I was a little tied up over the last few days and haven’t had much time to work on this brillant idea of a program.  I am committed to making this something that is feasible and enjoyable for all who want to partake.  Start getting your motivational wheels a-turning, change is a-coming!

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