Sick as a dog

I really thought I could make it another year without the flu or any problematic cold/sickness. I refuse to get the flu shot and believe that it is to my advantage to fight off whatever comes my way.  Well…I’m a fightin’.

I had a fantastic weekend, of which I spent most of it in bed catching up on lost hours of sleep.  It was blissful.  I went into work on Tuesday feeling refreshed and energized.  Literally hour by hour though these positive feelings were overtaken by a creeping headache, post nasal drip and a sore throat.  What?!  I just got caught up on sleep!  I should be in optimal form right now!

A tell tale sign that I am not feeling well is blatant forgetfullness.  I ran into Whole Foods after work to grab some produce only to come out to my locked car…with the keys inside.  Thank god for AAA (thanks Mom, best gift ever!).  I headed home and literally just continued to feel worse and worse.

Nick was here, which is really all I need when I am not feeling well.  Just his presence makes things better.  We set the couch up for supreme comfort, pillows all around, made some spicy ginger tea and took in a movie.  We chose Drive, which was excellent.  He then whipped up some homemade soup for me.  A delicious blend of carrots, leeks, butternut squash and bison.  That will keep me going for days.

I woke up today feeling so strange.  Everything hurt.  And I mean everything.  My hair, my back, my skin, my fingernails.  Ew.  I don’t remember the last time I felt anything like this.

Resting all day is killing me.  I keep having thoughts of my training and how laying down all day is not going to get me where I need to be.  I have to remind myself that by resting I am strengthening my system, allowing it the time it needs to kick this thing in the butt.  Hoping for an unbelievably fast recovery here…maybe tomorrow I will be absolutely fine :-).  Heres to wishful thinking!


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