NPC Workshop in Watertown, Ma

This Saturday I attended a workshop in Watertown, Ma:

Greatest workshop for a newbie competitor!

I almost didn’t attend, but am so glad that I did.  I really have no idea what I am getting myself into here with all this competition stuff and this was the perfect opportunity to get my feet wet without actually stepping on stage nearly naked.

I learned quite a bit about what being a figure competitor entales.  See the woman on the right?  That’s Gen Strobo, a top figure competitor who has numerous titles under her bikini bottom.  I, being the cool kid, asked for a picture with Gen, mistakenly calling her Nicole.  Why?  I have no idea.  I was like a nervous little school girl.  She gladly posed with me and as you can see is perfection.

I left the workshop feeling inspired, a little more confident knowing what was expected of me, and full of ideas.  Do I join Team Bombshell and have a network of support or continue to try and do this on my own?  Do I sew my own suit or save money and buy a suit that is designed for figure competing but sells for a minimum of $250?  Am I going to want breast implants if I continue on this road?  How do I perfect my stage presence?  Lol.  First I need to create a stage presence and stop being so nervous.  It’s all about confidence!

I was starving afterwards so I whipped up this delicious salad:




4 responses to “NPC Workshop in Watertown, Ma

    • I want to compete because I have been missing the competitive component in my life. I grew up as a gymnast then tried my hand at running. I loved running but I have some shin issues. I began to put more time into the gym and that seemed to offer results that had people assuming I was training for something. I was always being asked if I was a figure competitor so I figured ‘what the heck’. Giving it a shot and hoping it’s enjoyable!

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