Rest Day

Rest and Relax!

Relaxing out in Boston

No workout for me today! Full on rest mode has been successful. Do you know the benefits of rest? Sometimes I have to remind myself.  

Massage was great.  80 minutes of heaven.  I then enjoyed a delicious dinner at Thai North in Oak Square, and am now sipping some peppermint hot cocoa, a treat. I traded in a night of dancing for a night of relaxing, entirely doing nothing. I can tell already it is exactly what my body wanted.

Saturdays’ workout is going to be cardio only, and I will do 60 minutes. I get bored very quickly and would rather hop between three machines at 20 minutes each than perform 60 minutes straight on say the elliptical. I’ll report back tomorrow afternoon and let you know some stats based on what is available when I reach the gym.


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