Simply Cardio

4 sprint intervals within a 30 minute ride.  Sweatin' Bullets!

4 sprint intervals within a 30 minute ride. Sweatin’ Bullets!

I apologize for the blurry photo…hard to focus a camera during a cool down.

Today was cardio day!  Yay!  I planned for 60 minutes and accomplished that but in a different fashion from what I proposed yesterday.

30 minutes on Spinner with 4 15 second sprint intervals.  The rest of the ride involved hills and being in and out of the saddle.  After each sprint I allowed myself to recover in full before pushing hard again.

20 minutes on stairclimber at a resistance of 120 – 130.  Climb 151 flights :-).  This was my first time using a legit stair climber…not gonna lie, kind of akward.

10 minutes on Cybex Arc trainer at a resistance of 35 – 50.

I need music for cardio, and in general most workouts, but it is 100% necessary for cardio.  Like I said, I get bored easily and so I am always on the look out for new music but don’t have the time to sit and browse site after site or click 20 links to find new tracks. So what’s a girl to do?  Podcasts and soundcloud, most brilliant things ever.  Today I listed to a Dancing Astronaut podcast (EDM) featuring Arty, and it was perfectly in sync with my boppin’ body during all that cardio!


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