Monday: Shoulders and Abs!

Had a bit of a hard time feeling motivated to even start this workout but luckily for me I have Jill.  She gave me a little nudge and within minutes of starting the workout I felt completely into it and was ready to face this workout challenge head on.

Still building strength so I struggled to complete a few of the reps in various exercises.  I have to remind myself that this is how I will progress.  Eventually I will easily complete these reps and have to tack on more weight.  Baby steps…

Shoulders and Abs

We broke this down into small groups, performing mini circuits, which I have listed below.  You can choose to do straight sets as well or try to do the whole list as one circuit.  We completed 15 repetitions and 4 sets of each exercise, unless otherwise noted.

Circuit 1

  • Arnolds (Stats: 15lb dumbbells)
  • Bent Over Lateral Raises (Stats:  10lb dumbbells)
  • Front Raises (Stats:  10lb dumbbells) 

Circuit 2

  • High Cables Lateral Extension (Stats: 5lbs)
  • Upright Rows using Barbell (Stats:  first set was bar only; next three sets:  10 reps with 20lbs, then dropped weights and finished last 5 reps with just the bar)

Circuit 3

  • Russian Twists on Cables (Stats:  15lb)
  • Decline Bench Sit Ups, holding at the top for 2 seconds.
  • 3 Standing Backbends

Circuit 4

  • Stability Ball V-Up Pass
  • Pilates-style Leg Kicks (Single straight leg stretch) for 1 minute
  • Run two laps i.e somewhere around 2 minutes

I am reviewing this photos and man, I need to either glue my eyes open or start smiling…maybe both!

On a fantastic sidenote:  I am now a #Sweatpink Ambassador!  What does this mean?  It means I am now a part of a sisterhood of like minded,strong, butt-kicking females who all want to spread our love and passion for healthy living!  What does this mean for you? I can bring you more content!  Stay tuned…it may take me a little time to find my bearings.


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