Legs and Glutes…with only 7 Weeks to go!

Big news!  I have gotten 7 hours of sleep these last two nights!  Yay!!!  It is possible after all!  Other big news:  I may compete a little earlier than expected.  Original date was May 11, but there’s a competition (Fitness Universe New England) April 27th a short drive from home at Foxwoods.  Just need to determine if I have the funds and more importantly, can I be stage ready?

Gonna jump right into this one so that I get to bed on time :-).

Workout:  Legs and Glutes

Every exercise here was performed as a straight set, meaning we did the first set, rested 30 seconds, then hopped right into the next set, repeating until we completed all four sets.

  • 20 minutes on ATM Elliptical with resistance set between 6 – 10
  • 20 minutes on treadmill at 6.5- 7.0 with incline at 1.0 (yes, I ran!  Probably only due to the fact that I was listening to Hardwell live set from Ultra and was in a different world entirely)
  • Glute/Ham Raise with Partner.  15 reps.  KILLER!  (Stats:  only completed two sets due to lack of time)  
  • Sit and Squat with Dumbbells.  15 reps  (Stats:  15lb dumbbells)  
  • Barbell Hip Extension.  15 reps  (Stats:  20lbs)  
  • Walking Lunges with Dumbbells.  30 reps  (Stats:  15lbs)  
  • Reverse Lunge Off Step.  12 reps  (Stats:  20lbs)  



One response to “Legs and Glutes…with only 7 Weeks to go!

  1. It seems like legs and glutes have been on everyones mind lately. A few of the other blogs I follow have posted about glutes in the past few days and I have started focussing on legs and glutes in my workout routine. Hope you can get everything in order for the competition next month.

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