Cooking Demo’s and Workout Update

If you follow this blog then you probably know what I am going to say…this post is going to be short and sweet so I can head to bed by 9pm. I am longing for some a.m yoga and am determined to squeeze some in tomorrow morning.
Cooking Demo’s:
Here are two videos of how I prepare two staples in my diet at this time: Turkey Meatballs and Vegetable Soup + Chicken Thighs.
I realize I say ‘um’ way too much. It’s funny how you don’t realize it until you see it for yourself. Something I need to work on for sure!
I hope that you find at least some aspect of these video’s helpful or maybe they motivate you to get up and cook a nice little healthy home cooked meal! Vegetable Soup + Chicken Thighs
Healthy Turkey Meatballs!
Workout Update:
This week I am trying to increase my loads. I want to build a little more before I start to cut for the show (which now I am reconsidering everything and may just compete on May 11 as opposed to April 27 and May 5…probably for the better).
I was on limited time come Sunday when I plan my workouts so I decided to make the planning part easy: just repeat last weeks workouts. Difference? This week I have added pyramids and then additional weight to finish the remainder of the exercises.

What can you expect to find here tomorrow?
– A progress photo
– Workout stats
– A full day’s worth of meal photos…that means at least 7-8 photos…I am a hungry girl! 😉


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