Up and Coming

Hi!  Still training hard and about to head to bed but just wanted to give you all a heads up on some upcoming posts that I have planned:

Workout Clothes Should Be Fun…and Mulitfunctional

It’s true.  I love wild workout pants.  Truth is, they are wild to everyone but me.  To me they are like a leotard, just a way that I can express myself amongst a bunch of monkeys.  I believe that a solid black spandex legging/capri is a staple but that gets soooo boring. If it’s in the budget I will buy it.  I do after all, workout 6 days a week…gotta keep it fresh!  I present to you a page dedicated to just workout attire.  Listings of place of purchase, price, durability, and comfort.  Really excited about this!

Re-prioritizing My Life/Lifestyle

I have essentially flipped my world upside down, and I can honestly say it was all for the better.  Still trying to figure out some minor glitches (i.e sleep) but I am confident I will find a way to be less stressed.  To come:  a bedtime ritual that seems to be working, ‘tiara time'(I’ll explain…but if you can’t wait then check out episode #79 of Balanced Bites), loosening up my grip on controlling the little things (like the order of exercises in a planned workout all due to a line of 6 at the cable machine)

Workouts For You!!

I know that my workouts are a little out of most peoples realm, whether it’s due to current abilities or lack of equipment.  I want to motivate you to workout and take your health into consideration on a daily basis, and I feel like providing you with a strong foundation is definitely a key to success.  As of right now, I would like to release 3 workouts a week with video instruction.  I foresee myself breaking it down into Upper Body, Core, and Lower Body.  In addition, I may throw together a HIIT routine that can really rev up your metabolism!  And, with Nick’s help, I will make the workouts downloadable so that you can print them and wham!  Off you go to torching fat and toning up!




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