Beginners Series: Week 2

Hi!  Ready to get into Week 2??!  Hell ya!

Here is a video explaining all of the exercises:  Week 2 of Beginners Series

Goal:  3 sets of 12 repetitions unless otherwise stated

Upper Body:

  • Front Raise
  • Lateral Raise
  • Arnolds
  • Pushups
    • If you are having a hard time with pushups, go ahead and try incline pushups.  If you can successfully complete a few pushups then do as many as you can until failure, then, drop to your knees to complete the set.
    • If you are ready for a challenge:
      • increase your weights
      • try to minimize your rest period
      • try decline pushups or try placing your feet on a stability ball


  • Crab Toe Touches
  • swivel Taps
  • Side Plank:  30 secs each side
  • Rainbows
    • Beginners should try both side plank and rainbows from their elbows.  I always need some sort of padding under my bones so you may want to have a yoga mat nearby!
    • Those looking for an extra challenge should support themselves on their hand, and can also increase the length of time that plank is held.

Lower Body:

  • Lunge step backs:  1 minute
  • Side lunge to balance
  • Plie’s
  • Around the world lunges
    • If balance is an issue then try to perform a side lunge, come to standing, then go into a balance for 2 seconds.  Over time, try to eliminate the stop at standing.
    • For more of a challenge:  quicken the pace of your lunge step backs; try to touch your elbow to opposite knee while in the balance portion of the side lunge;  try jumps to plie’s or plie squat jumps for a min;  add dumbbells to your around the world lunges

I hope that you are finding these workouts to be helpful and if not I want to hear about it!  I want to know what you are all looking for and want to help you achieve your goals when it comes to health and fitness.  Please, by all means, either comment or shoot me an email if you’d rather remain private at


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