10 days away from Fitness Universe!

Progress Photos are here!  Lagging energy to post much but this is the least I can do.


Things are quickly approaching;  Fitness Universe being the first competition on my roster is only 10 days away!  They were cute and compiled competitor photos into a ‘who’s competing’ poster:


You can find me with my thumbs up in the bottom right corner.  Classic.  I am nervous and excited, unsure of what to expect.  I have decided that I will have to develop an alter ego, like Beyonce/Sasha Fierce, in order to walk onto that stage.  I have a big fear of crowd speaking/presenting/etc, so this is gonna be one hell of a mission!

Training is I suppose going according to plan, meaning I am beat all the time.  It sure makes it a lot harder to keep going back to the gym when you simply are sore all over and are feeling fatigued after 5 reps.  I keep pushing though.  Just 10 more days.  10, that’s it.

Sleep has been a bit problematic.  Some nights are great and I sleep around 7 hours (8 one night!!).  Other nights I wind up waking up about 4 hours after falling asleep and need to get out of bed to check the clock cause I feel as if I am late for work.  It always leads to me snacking.  Last night I had 1% cottage cheese and a slice of Ezekial toast with almond butter.  My muscles are hungry I guess?  Going to try to stop this from happening and sip some tea.  Still have about 2-3% of body fat that should ideally be gone for the competition.  Night time snacking caboshed…




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