Hiatus til Sunday!

For those of you who follow the blog, and especially those who have been following the Beginners Series:
I am in my final week of preparation prior to Fitness Universe, my first-ever competition. Just 5 (!) days remain! Essentially all of my work is done, but right now I need to keep pushing and stay on track. At this point I am beginning to taper my workouts and cardio, and have (I hate to say this) really whittled down my carbohydrate intake. I began this yesterday (Sunday) and need to try to keep it going until Thursday, at which point I will introduce my beloved starches like squash and potatoes.
To make matters a little bit more stressful, I am also moving. I have just about everything packed and will make the final push on Thursday. This is more so why I am not posting this week. I do apologize but here’s what you can do: Take the previous workouts and try to beat your original time on each series.
Please check out the site on Sunday as I will recap the competition and have photos to show you!!!

Keep yourself active, sane, clear-headed, and full of yumminess. Talk soon!
KPhoto on 2013-02-08 at 19.58 #2


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