Reigniting, restating, and revising.


I have reached some of my goals so now its time to take a look at everything and revise, reinstate, and to overall reignite my passion. 
My new goals are:
– rest and rebuild
– prepare for & compete in the  Women’s Figure division November 9th at UFE North American Championships for my Pro card
– build my website; have this be my social media hub, containing my blog, Facebook, Twitter, instagram, donation collection for covering competition costs, and personal training services
– set up a personal training business plan with two training systems ( wellbeing & contest prep)
– climb the service industry ladder at Ocean Club and make bank
– save said bank for our move to Colorado
– accept that sleep is important and get 7hrs/night
– become rooted in a spiritual practice (Buddhism)
– become a sponsored athlete (hey Muscle Pharm, what’s good?)

Everyday is a new day, a new chance to improve, a fresh attempt at reaching my goals.  Doubt may creep in but it will quickly be squashed.  I will accomplish these goals.  I have a fire inside me that’s just getting started and I am ready to let it burn brightly.  Watch out world, here I come!  😉


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