A clean eaters food supply

I can not stress enough how important a role nutrition has played in my progression from a standard fit chick to a ripped, stage ready fitness freak.  I am a clean eating fool.  I like things in their simple state: raw nuts/nut butters, fruits, vegetables…protein sources like chicken breast/thighs w a little Himalayin salt and pepper, or fresh seafood w some garlic and lemon.
This photo gives you an example of what I eat when it comes to dry storage.  I also supplement w protein powders, which may be borderline clean.  I have seen a huge difference in my body since implementing protein powders and know that they are necessary for my growth.  I have been really happy w Muscle Pharms’ products. They are a well researched company founded by two athletes, who really strive to use the best formulations for superior athletic performance. All products are ‘clean’ in terms of banned substances which is very important to me being that I am a natural figure competitor.


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