In Boston? Show yourself some love and get on your mat with Goldie

goldieGirl crush? Yes. Powerful, invigorating class experience? You betcha. If you live in Boston, please do yourself a favor and try out a class with Goldie. The woman is amazing! Certainly one of the reasons why I miss Boston.

I was first introduced to Goldie and Sweat and Soul Yoga (a part of Back Bay Yoga) by my beautiful yogini friend Paloma.  Going to a class with Paloma was a little intimidating because I knew her experience far surpassed mine and I’d probably struggle along side her.  I was more than happy to find that I was in a red room full of 20-somethings all of different abilities, bending, sweating, and grooving above Comm Ave.

If you choose to take a class, arrive early.  Why?  Oh, just because Goldie is that HOT- attractiveness/aurora aside, hot like ‘in-demand’ hot- and there will be a line down the stairs trying to get in to the second floor studio and it’s first come, first serve til the room fills at $10 a pop.  Paloma and I have arrived up to an hour early on a Saturday morning.  For real, it’s worth it.  You will leave feeling like you’ve been blessed, renewed, and refreshed.  Your perspective on life will change…at least until some Masshole cuts you off.