Squeaky Clean Protein

As an athlete, my diet makes up a considerable part of my regiment.  I am a believer that nutrition makes up just about 80% of the fit life equation.  You know by know that I am currently carb cycling and am thrilled with the results!  I haven’t felt this good in awhile and I swear it’s due to eating mostly vegetables and sources of lean protein.

When it comes to my protein I have been somewhat selective and sought out meat that was lean, fish that was low in mercury, and nuts that were left in their natural state.  I think I’ve made a humble effort but then I stumbled across this article on MindBodyGreen.com and am now considering a shift in my selections…as well as budget.

Image courtesy of Mindbodygreen.com

Image courtesy of Mindbodygreen.com

Listed items that I have not tried out yet include spirulina, tempeh, and lentils.  I will buy some spirulina and add it to my juice or to an afternoon smoothie.  I’ve had tempeh before at the Green Bean in Northampton and I love it…just need to try out some experimental cooking techniques and that will work its way into my diet.  As for the lentils, I will most likely precook a batch and add them to my salads, using smaller quantities on low carb days.

Their list sheds some light on the truth of our food industry.  What is that truth?  Well, I don’t know really…there are so many things that upset me when it comes to our food supply.  The most upsetting is the hocus pocus lies.  I just don’t agree with the lack of labeling.  I believe we have the right to know what we are buying/eating.  Is that because I’m a food nut??  Maybe.  But can’t you agree?  Here I am buying 24 eggs for $2.99 when a dozen of cage free eggs are $4.99.  That $2 difference can buy me some apples, or some kale.  I was turning a blind eye to my own knowledge that my cheap eggs were not only inferior but were also supporting a horrific situation.  Somehow I feel defeated.


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