Taking on the Transformation Challenge…Once again!

Bodybuilding.com, along with Dymatize is hosting a transformation challenge.  One male and one female will win $50,000 for the best transformation.  I have joined this challenge in the past and have slipped and given up.  Well not this time!  I am hungry for some rock solid long lasting change!

I have already expressed my regression post show….ate whatever I wanted, barely hit the gym, drank, drank, drank some more, ate cake, donuts, milk chocolate….it was like I was an entirely different person!  I do not eat milk chocolate!  I now know that it was a result of training to intensely and dieting too drastically.  I’ve rebounded though, more mentally than physically.  I needed some time to plan a safe, holistic, long-term approach to my health and happiness.   Now that my heads in the game and out of the gutter I can focus on bringing my body back around.

I had previously posted my plan for the month of January and I am loving it!  I feel like I have energy to get through my week all the while keeping a smile on my face!  I am not starving, nor am I hoarding and shoveling food down my throat.  I feel like I’ve found a healthy little thing and I’m going to hope that I will slowly see the results I am looking for.  And maybe I’ll even win $50,000!


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