Move Nourish Believe

I’m starting this year off with a bang and feel great doing so!  As previously mentioned, I entered the Dymatize transformation challenge and I am certainly transforming!  I doubted the process at first (shame on me) but held strong, kept telling myself if I continued to put in the work, and eat clean, the results would come.  I have most certainly had some slips but I am having longer streaks of clean eating now that the ball is rolling.  When you start to feel great in your own skin the last thing you want to do is dump it down the drain by eating ‘off’ the plan foods.  For me these foods are ice cream and home made or bakery style pastries (no boxed shit).  Oh and chocolate.  It truly is an all or nothing thing with me.  If I ignore or avoid said foods I am 100% fine.  If I take a bite, I am in trouble.  The rest of my day is going to be spent eating junk.  So I just steer clear!  And if I am feeling weak, I will write down why I am on the journey I am on, reminding myself how awesome I feel and how shitty I would feel if I made the wrong decision.

I’ve immersed myself in the fit lifestyle.  That’s also how I find it easiest to stick to my training and lifestyle.  Living in Boston, I struggled with partying and training.  Do a two a day, or go party all night?  Ok, ok, I’ll party tonight and then tomorrow I will drag myself to the gym no matter what and crush it!  Hahaha, how many times did I say that to myself?  At this point in my life I am so happy just training and working.  I still want to go out and dance but honestly were too broke right now to do even that so I spend my time planning workouts, meal plans, and coaching friends online (want me to coach you??!?!?!  Contact me!)

As it’s easier for me to live the life by being 100% in it, I search for little contest like the Dymatize one to keep things fun.  I found another fun one by Lorna Jane Active just in time for the month of February.  There’s a challenge for each day of the week, leaving weekends for me to work and catch up, plan, and meal prep.  Peeerfect.  It’s called the Move Nourish Believe Challenge and for 3 weeks you are focusing on moving your body, nourishing your body, and lastly believing in yourself.  I could use a bit of all of that, I mean, who couldn’t?

Here’s a recap of this weeks challenge, with each link bringing you to my instagram page:

2/3:  Sweat it out:  What’s your favorite way to sweat??

Sweat It Out! Favorite way to Sweat

2/4:  Change It Up!  Sweat a new way, choosing a workout from

New way to Sweat, Ab Circuit, Pilates Style

2/5:  Plank!  5 Minutes of Planks

Planks upon planks

2/6:  Buddy Up!  Workout with a friend

Workout with a friend! Or lover!

2/7:  Fave Friday!  Five favorites that are health and fitness related

My top 5

If you want to see what others are up to during this challenge then check out the event page on facebook


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